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First Day: Today we arrived on the boat and put all the food in their places with a specific order, after that we sorted out belongings and headed on deck to learn some of the basics of sailing. Can't wait to get going!

Day 2 Today was pretty rough and the wind was blowing a gale, at least we had the Dolphins to cheer us up. Their was a whole pod of them that swam right up next to the boat. It's freezing out there so you have to wrap up extra warm!!!

Day 3 Everyone is quite queasy and we have decided to call throwing up "guinieapigging" it is just a nicer word I guess. One of our crew members "Antonio" has gunieapigged 13 times , I don't think anyone is going to beat his record!!! This is a photo of my friend Poppy.

Day 4 After 220 NW we have finally reached Milford Haven in Wales. All the crew could not wait to get onto land for a much needed shower (and a good old food shop) Milford Have is rather quaint ; a mish mash place .

Tonight was games night and we are now in Wales , for games night we played two rather bizarre games . The first one was a game where you had to pick up a cereal box with our mouth and every round one part got ripped off it got hard when it was a bit of flat cardboard on the ground and you were not allowed to touch the ground with your hands or knees. The next game was where you had to cut into a packages chocolate bar with a knife and fork and try and get chocolate out. Turns out were not leaving today because the alto agora have failed and we need to recharge the batteries so we will leave tomorrow at around eleven o'clock. I can't wait to get sailing again!! We made chocolate nests though!

Thank you to the West Cornwall Youth Trust for their donation of £250 to help Iris achieve her dream of sailing round Britain!

Thank you too to the Rotary Club of Penzance for their donation of £284!

Today flew by super fast! All of today was good apart from the fact that my friend Poppy dropped her phone in the water as she was walking up the ladder, I take part of the blame for it as I asked her to take my bag as I was at the bottom ; it was not retrievable because it fell so far down!!

It is now quite late and I have just finished my midnight till four o'clock watch . During our watch talked about our ghost sightings and stories, some of the stories were pretty scary ( unfortunately I have never seen a ghost so I had no exiting story's to tell ) 😕 in Dublin today we went through a place called Temple Bar . There was a padlock bridge so I attached a padlock with my best friends and my name on it.

We are leaving to go to Carrick Fergus and it will take approximately two hours. The sail ability group were really nice in Carrick Fergus and they said that we can go onto their new speed boat later , yay !!! They also gave us all a free neckscarf. We have just been in the speed boat for the second time and we were going at like 50 knots! It gave Poppy and I such an adrenalin rush and we couldn't stop laughing . Unfortunately  Ryan dropped his phone into the water.

Today was really good, we had to change course though so instead of going around the top of Scotland we are going to go through the Caledonian Canal - this is because up around Scotland there are 8-9 metre waves and 40 knot winds . Because of this we will be sailing to a place called Ghigha (it is only 1.5 miles wide and 7 miles long) apparently it is really pretty. Poppy and I thought that it would be a good idea to jump into the freezing cold water today in just our swimming costumes; so Skipper set the boom out so it hung off the side of the boat and we climbed across it and jumped off!! After we had done it almost everyone else put their costumes on and jumped off!!!!!!! ️️️ We anchored in Gigha today and it is super pretty here!!! Still haven't seen any whales yet, apparently there are two Minke whales around... At midnight were talking about ghost stories while doing our two hour anchor watch , we got up at about 6:30 this morning to bring the anchor back in, we didn't find any anchors on our watch though ..

Today we set of to go to Oban which took about eight hours. Scotland is so pretty!! A soon as we got to Oban we had some lovely and well needed showers . It was my sister’s Birthday today "HAPPY BIRTHDAY POLLY!!!" today we also had a look around town. After looking around town we went to an abandoned farmhouse in which we did not stay in for long because there were animal skeletons everywhere. After the abandoned building we went to see the sheep and lambs.