Spring Semester

    European Computer Driving Licence

    Approximately 50 Year 10 students have been working on the completion of their European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) qualification this week. The qualification allows the students to learn and demonstrate a good use of the Microsoft Office package in a functional way. The students have been working hard and are being rewarded with the impressive grades being achieved!

    Game of Life

    Year 10 students played ‘Game of Life’ an interactive game that challenges them to deal with money, careers and other life issues. Students were also introduced to the world of finance and trade whereby they completed a virtual week of buying and selling at the stock exchange. Students were encouraged to build their portfolios by buying cheap and selling at a tidy profit. All credit to Jordan Hosking "The Wolf of Market-Jew Street" who amassed a £468,000 profit when the markets closed on Friday for the weekend. Not a bad week’s work!